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The Madness to My Method

I abhor the dull routine of existence.

19 August 1967
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I've revised this profile several times over the years. I never quite know what to say about myself in these things, so here goes:

I don't generally like to categorize myself as any one thing partly because I don't believe people should be categorized, but also because I've got way too many interests and only one life in which to pursue them. Aside from what I have listed above, I spend most of my non-working time acting in community theater, running (I'm quite the novice I assure you), reading, writing, and looking for opportunities for adventures.

I started running in November 2010 almost a year after being told I had thyroid cancer. While the cancer had been cured through surgery and radiation therapy (it has a 98% survival rate), I felt I needed to do more than simply survive it. Hence the running.

My races so far include:

The Penguin Pace 2011 Gun Time: 29:26.07 Chip Time: 29:05.86
The Cherry Blossom 2011: Gun Time: 1:42:09 Chip Time: 1:33:42
The Army 10 Miler 2011: Gun time: 2:03:27 Chip Time: 1:44:44
The Annapolis (Mostly) Half Marathon* 2011: Gun Time: 1:56:21 Chip Time: 1:54:55

*It is strongly suspected that the distance of this race was short of an actual 13.1 miles. My guess is it was closer to 12.65-12.73. Either way it represents a PR for me, I just don't quite know what that PR is.