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Ah, playoffs

Well, the Capitals won, though it wasn't as clean a win as I would have liked. They were down two, tied it, and then won in overtime. Still, a win is a win, especially in the playoffs. We had dinner at a new place called The Smith which is pretty much standard fare, but very very good standard fare.

The seats in the 200 section were very nice. More or less the opposite side from where we usually sit, but really, there aren't many bad seats in Verizon Center. I think we'll be able to deal with that.

I got an email from Dreamwidth that was sort of a "Hi Livejournal refugees" type of email which said most of the things I like hearing. I didn't know much about the history of Dreamwidth or how it came into being, but having read about it, I'm gladder still to have made the switch. I also can't help but smile to know that it's incorporated in my home state. It's not for nothing that I've stayed in Maryland this long, particularly Montgomery County. I'm very much a product of the environment I grew up in, so it's not surprising that I'd want to stay in it. Also, Silver Spring is just a great place. That said, Lisa just sent me a link about tech jobs in New Zealand. I considered submitting my resume for the Looksee thing they had where they offered to fly you out for an interview if you were selected, but I didn't feel like going up against the sheer volume of competition that was going to ensue. Still, if the right situation came up, I'd be on a plane over there in a second. There aren't many places on Earth I'd leave Maryland to go live in, but New Zealand is on the list.

Next week is going to be our 13th wedding anniversary. I already got Lisa her gift, but for laughs, I looked up which anniversary this is for us. It's lace. I then laughed because lace is something Lisa definitely does not do. In fact, I've never dated a girl who ever was into lace or lingerie to my knowledge. Neither really do anything for me, and I never would ask a woman to wear something for my benefit that she wouldn't want to wear on her own. As I've often said, Lisa could wear burlap if she really wanted to, and I'd still find her sexy. Sexiness isn't about how you look or what you wear, in my opinion. It's about how you feel, whom you're with, and the connection you have. I've never known any of that to be aided by one of us wearing a thong. (Though I'd be willing if Lisa decided she wanted me to, but I'm weird.) Anyway, we're looking forward to having Jen and Philip down, having them finally meet Chris and Leah, and marching on Saturday for science. Only sad part will be that we've agreed to board the dogs for the weekend so that we don't have to worry about getting home to them during the march. I hate doing that, not because it's hard on them. The place we board them is freaking Shangri-la for dogs. Dogtopia if anyone's interested in dog boarding. The reason I hate boarding the dogs is that it means they aren't with us. I miss them badly enough when I go to work, but to sleep in a dogless bed...that's rough. Still, I'll be looking at 10 days of that in Germany, so I better get a grip.

I decided to keep Prague on the itinerary after all for the Germany trip. Don Giovanni not withstanding, there is still a lot of great stuff to see over there. I'm hoping to do some planning this weekend.

I downloaded the enhanced edition of Planescape Torment yesterday in between work, emptying and refilling the dogs (walking and feeding them) and going back to meet everyone for hockey. It's definitely dated, but it's still a great game. I haven't legitimately played an RPG computer game in a long time, but I always wanted to come back to this one and run through it again. I remember the basic storyline, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

OK, I'm rambling enough. Still waking up, but it's time to do some coding. Ta ta.

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