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Health, Age, Raccoons and Bees

I ran a mile and a half yesterday. Not very far, and not very fast, but it's an improvement over last week's mile and a half. We'll see how today's 3 miles go.

I didn't run as much last week as I'd wanted to, but I'm hoping to rectify that this week. I'm following the Hal Higdon Spring Training course for novices. That seems to be working well for me. I don't know how much weight will be lost with this particular training plan, but I'm not setting any major goals along those lines. I just want to cover the distance for now.

I've concluded that running is the primary exercise for me to maintain my health. I never feel better than I do immediately after a run, and I'm finding that my overall feeling of wellness increased dramatically when I'm running regularly. I'm very lucky, in that my knees and feet still seem to be able to handle running, provided I train consistently, and maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise. (i.e. sleeping enough, not drinking a lot, eating healthily) So long as my knees can handle it (and judging from past performance, they still can), running needs to be a regular part of my life.

In other news, we had a raccoon living in the wall behind our bedroom until recently. Our house's upper floor is more of a converted attic. Behind our wall is a space with a vent behind it which the raccoon forced its way into. We called a service that traps such animals and humanely relocates them. This done, we enlisted the same company for some preventative work to keep future would-be tenants from forcing their way in through either side of the house. We're also having some conversion work done on the gutters that will hopefully keep birds out in the future as well.

Unfortunately, we have another set of tenants. It seems we have a bee hive underneath the sun room. Our sun room is an extension to the house that was built shortly before we moved in. As it's raised, there's a crawlspace underneath it where the bees seem to have set up home. I'm not sure what to do there, except call Terminix and hope they have a humane solution. Bees are important, and I don't wish to harm them, but it's not feasible for us to leave a hive there. It's not safe for us or the dogs.

I'm starting to rethink the itinerary of our trip in the Fall a bit. Now that it seems that Don Giovanni in Prague isn't going to happen, I'm wondering if it's worth going out there at all. There's no shortage of things to do in Germany and Austria, and Switzerland might also be a good one to rope in as well. Alternatively, we could just spend a little more time in Austria or Holland. I'll be doing some juggling over the next couple of days to see what works. Prague is definitely a place I'd like to go, but it's not an absolute must have.

OK, time to work for a living. Peace out.

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