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Weekend and thoughts on blogging

I'll get to my weekend in a minute.

I've been seriously thinking about how I've been using this thing since I started using it regularly again. The whole LJ migration thing has me thinking about privilege and how much of it I have. It occurs to me that aside from privacy concerns (which don't matter that much to me since I don't think that privacy really exists anymore), the changes in TOS from LJ doesn't really affect me that much. Why? Because I'm not in Russia.

The worst thing that LJ can do to me is to revoke my access/delete my journal. That would be a shame, but not much of one since I moved all of my content on Dreamwidth and post from there now. I would regret it because I do feel that there's a better sense of community on LJ, but it wouldn't seriously impact my life.

Russian users, particularly LGBTQ users, are probably at great personal risk for what they post in LJ due to the oppressive laws of Putin's regime. I can bitch all I want about LJs policies, but it likely won't get me thrown in a gulag or whatever Putin is using to lock people up in these days.

Anyway, I recognize my privilege in this regard (among many many others) so along those lines, I'll probably be a hell of a lot more outspoken on this blog. Although I post from Dreamwidth, I still think of this as a Livejournal blog. I'll continue to cross post unless LJ decides to terminate my account for violating terms of service, etc.

Now, on to the weekend: It started with sex.

Thursday night, Lisa got very very horny. I was kind of tired and had some wine, so I wasn't quite up to task, but I've also never let that stop me. I've never been particularly sensitive about not being able to get it up at a given moment, especially at my age. It happens. It's part of why I'm trying to get back into a regular running habit, and taking zinc supplements. Plus which, as I've observed many times in the past, moments like this are why God gave men fingers, lips and tongues, all of which were put to good use that night. It had been a while since I was able to get her off 3 times in one go.

Even more satisfying was that we went at it again Friday morning, Friday evening and Saturday morning. Not sure what got into Lisa (other than me...babum chshhh) but I'm certainly liking it. (By the way, I'm considering doing a filter for this sort of thing. Let me know in comments if you want to be a part of it. Don't worry, they'll be screened.)

Apart from Friday night sexytime, we didn't do much. We got take-out from Taylor gourmet which was rather tasty, and watched "The Catch" and "Absolutely Fabulous".

Saturday, I went for my tuxedo fitting for Don and Caitlin's wedding. It was nice to see everyone there, and geek out with folks about various things that I really don't get to geek out with Lisa about. It went on a little long, but that's how things go I guess. I wouldn't know, since I've never been a groomsman before.

Saturday evening, we picked up Lisa's Christabirthdaversatine's day present. Explanation: Over the years, Lisa and I have grown less and less fond of exchanging gifts simply because of some manufactured holiday like Christmas or Valentine's day. Birthdays and anniversaries are more meaningful to us, and we do observe them, but in terms of actually giving gifts, we tend to just mash those two together into one more meaningful gift such as an item of jewelry or something like that. In this case, I got Lisa a Whisper bracelet by David Yurman. The gold on the bracelet spells out "I Love You". It complements her other jewelry perfectly so I'm really patting myself on the back for that one. It also helps that she loves it.

Sunday, we went to the Farmer's market, did some yardwork, cleaned out the sun room a little, and went to our last Capital's game as season ticket holders.

We'd been in those seats since Fall 2008. Last season, when the Caps chocked in the post season, as they do, Lisa decided that she didn't want to renew. At first I was skeptical, then even resistant, but now I've accepted that it was the right move. We love hockey, but it's REALLY expensive. Also, committing to a full season just isn't feasible for us anymore. It becomes a job almost, even if we try to share the cost of the tickets with others who want part of the season.

The good news is we won't have to give up the seats entirely. We know enough people in that row that we'll be able to go to a good chunk of games and stay in that section without having to commit to the entire season.

We will be going to the first playoff home game on Thursday. Club level seats. Not as good as what we did have (Section 105, row O) but still pretty nice.

I'm liking the warm weather. It's nice to ride with the top down in my Mini and even nicer to be able to sleep with the windows open. Only real drawback to that is that Clyde tends to get barky if he hears anything through the window. He was pretty quiet last night though, thankfully.

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