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I've been using this livejournal account sporadically for the last few years, mostly to try to track my equally patchy exercise regimens, if you can call them that. I haven't done a post of any substance in years. (If, in fact, I ever did)

Owing to a group on Facebook called "Livejournal Lives" that has already exploded in membership, apparently, I have decided to resuscitate this sleeping leviathan and begin using it for my daily thoughts, as I originally intended it to be.

I think my lack of posting over the years was largely due to the lack of an audience. I admit, a large part of the reason I posted anything here in Livejournal was so that people would read and respond to what I said. People do that on Facebook, but it really isn't the same. Facebook always struck me as blogging for lazy people, and I'm no exception to that. Facebook isn't so much for posting reasoned thought out entries so much as reposting clickbait editorials and gifs of pets doing zany things. It always smacked, to me, of kids passing notes in class to one another, except that the notes are on display for everyone to see.

Livejournal can be like that too, but for me, it feels more like an actual blogging community. At least I feel it has more potential to be that than Facebook.

So, I'm back here.

I plan to be here a lot more, especially in light of the dark times coming to America with the recent election.

For the time being, most of this journal will be friends only.

I invite you to join me. 



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Dec. 19th, 2016 02:49 pm (UTC)
I completely agree!
I have a lot of the same friends from LJ on my facebook. But because of the superficial nature of fb and the lack of substantial posts with actual content, I know less about them now - even though they post or interact with me on fb almost daily.
Dec. 21st, 2016 05:43 am (UTC)
I use FB a lot, but LJ is where my heart is. I'm always glad to see you and my other friends post here!
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