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Today felt a little rough at first. I felt like I was really struggling through my first mile even though I wasn't breathing heavily or in pain. I can't quite explain it. It was just...hard. I pushed through and made it through the other three miles and then tacked on an extra half mile because by that time I felt I had found my stride more or less. Not sure what happened there, but I'm not fretting overmuch. Between yesterday and today I covered 10 miles. If I do at least 4 miles tomorrow and squeeze in another six on Saturday, that'll be 20 miles for the week which would be pretty sweet.

Weight loss has plateaued, but I haven't been tracking calories very assiduously recently and think I've been over my caloric limit more often than not. Eh, I'm still doing well. I am starting to fit back into some of my thinner pants, though it's still a bit of a challenge. I figure if I can start averaging 20 miles per week, or close to it, that problem will take care of itself, provided I don't pig out the rest of the time.

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