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Improving steadily

I did my first long run on Saturday. Mind, it was only 5 miles, so it wasn't a particularly long long run, but it's longer than I've been doing up to this point. I averaged about an 11 minute mile, and felt pretty good. Really good in fact. I suspect some factors involved were that I ran at about 12 in the afternoon, had some coffee that morning, and had Thai drunken noodles the night before. (carbs!) At any rate, there's definite progress here.

I had hoped to run yesterday but the snow had other ideas, so I ran today. I actually had only intended to do 4 miles, but it wound up being a little more than that. Legs feel pretty good so I figure tomorrow will be another 4 and Thursday will be intervals. Saturday I'll likely do another 5 mile run, and then (assuming the weather stops dumping massive amounts of snow all over the place) I'll start running along Sligo. The transition probably won't be pleasant, but it's not practical to do long runs on a treadmill and I'm getting sick of running at the gym anyway. What I'd ideally like is to start using the gym for weight work and do all or most of my running up and down Sligo. We'll see. The weather is definitely not helping.

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