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Still plugging away

I haven't been as good about controlling consumed calories in the last week, but I am still running. 4 moderate miles yesterday, 4 somewhat more strenuous miles today. I didn't quite do intervals, at least not well planned intervals, but it was the closest I've come to them in a while. The results were actually pretty agreeable, and while it ultimately came out to 4 11 minute miles, I think I did lay some ground work for more meaningful speed work in the future.

Of course, it'll also be easier when it isn't snowing every 2 minutes. I'm really done with winter. I don't care if people to the north think I'm a wimp who can't handle the snow, I'm ready for Spring goddamnit!

I had a slight soreness in my lower back on Monday which gave me some concern, but it is gone now, and seems not to bother me when I run. Gotta figure it must have been a fluke.

As I'm not doing anything major this weekend, my hope is to get a long run in on Saturday (when I say long, I mean 5-6 miles tops), though if the weather is nice enough, I'll probably head out on Sligo Creek Parkway and see how that goes. In that case, I might not be as concerned with distance so much as just finally getting my feet on actual ground as opposed to that damn treadmill. We'll see.

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