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Back in the groove

4 mile run today. It was much better than yesterday, and I feel like I'm starting to really make some progress again. Of course, tomorrow it's supposed to snow like crazy which will likely mean that the gym will be closed and I won't be able to go running, but that's not a big deal as I can always drag the elliptical at home out to get some time on that, and go running on Friday. Anything to burn a few more calories.

Speaking of which, I don't know whether I had extra baggage on me yesterday or what, but according to the scale this morning, I was 3 pounds lighter than it said I was yesterday. I can only assume I misread the scale a bit yesterday and maybe did have a little extra baggage on me or something. I logged my weight as 213 rather than 212 just to be on the safe side, but I'm fairly certain that the scale is accurate. At any rate, if the lower weight is accurate, it'll hold for a few days. If not, then I probably did right to go a little higher.

12 pounds lost now. If I keep going like this, I'll be below 210 by the end of the month.

This actually doesn't surprise me that much given that I wasn't really eating while I was sick. Add on cardio and pow I guess. I'm not going to question it overmuch, but I'm also not going to use it as an excuse to get lazy. I really like where the running is going (though I'd really like it to warm up a bit so I can start running on Sligo properly) and I feel great. Moreover, while I'm eating a lot less during the week, I'm hardly a monk. I was able to enjoy steak on Sunday and expect, assuming weather allows, to have a pub meal some time this weekend. (I miss the Limerick pub) Heck, last night I had a turkey pot pie! The secret is in moderation, clearly. (It also helps that I drink a LOT less than I was around the holidays).

If things go well, I'm going to try for 5 miles on Saturday. If that works out, then I think it's time to start introducing intervals into the mix. (Though those are a lot easier for me to do on a track than on a treadmill, but needs must I guess)


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Feb. 12th, 2014 04:37 pm (UTC)
I did 50 minutes on the tredmill at the gym yesterday which was FANTASTIC. I got all the way up to 1.6mph for a little bit of that time, which is usually my "I'll tie my shoe while still walking" pace, but I'm really pleased. I've got one baby stepping on my bladder and the other one pushing against my diaphragm and I'm not allowed to get my heart rate over 120bpm, so given all of that, I don't expect to get much over the 1.6mph, but if I can keep doing it more consistently, I'm golden.

You've been motivating me, so keep up your awesome work!!
Feb. 12th, 2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
As you've got two passengers along for the ride, 50 minutes of the treadmill is pretty darned impressive. The important thing to remember is to do what you can do, not what you think you should be doing. That was a hard one for me because in my mind, I still am thinking "You should have run a marathon by now you lazy slob!" while the rational part is "Well, I didn't and I can't right now so shut the hell up and let me do my thing."

Frankly the progress that I've been making would scare me if I didn't feel so good. In fact I was a little scared last week when I got sick, but once I started to recover, I knew it was just a fluke. Chances are that once I pass a certain mark between weight loss and running, I'm going to have to start eating more because otherwise I won't be able to sustain the running, but right now I seem to be at a good place.

Glad you've found me motivating. Really, all I'm trying to do here is to keep myself honest.
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