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Less good run

Today I only did 3 miles. Not the end of the world, but less than I'd hoped for. I probably shouldn't be surprised as I had something of an unhealthy weekend. We had company and went dining at some very nice restaurants that definitely were not on the "diet plan". I didn't even bother trying to count calories because I honestly had no idea how to decide on how many I'd consumed. Suffice to say, it was probably a lot.

Yesterday I didn't run, and had about 1800 calories which is more than my usual average, but still below my daily maximum. Today's run burned about 500 calories, so I'd say I'm doing all right. There will probably be some fluctuation in weight, but I can handle that. The aim for February is to get below 210 pounds. If I can manage that, then I really think I'll have gotten the trend going in the right direction.

I haven't done any push ups or anything this week and probably won't start until next week with much more modest goals in mind. I'm simply not in shape and have no upper body strength, so it's going to take time.

This week will be a bit of a challenge as there are a number of hockey games going on which means more eating out. Tonight and Thursday I'll be eating at Clyde's which will mean probably oysters and fish tacos. The fish tacos aren't the lightest thing in the world, but if I don't eat too much during the day (and avoid drinking too much) then it shouldn't be that big a deal.

One thing I've started trying is bringing lunch meat to work but not bothering with bread. Basically it's a way to cut down on carbs and unnecessary calories in bread, mayo and cheese. I don't propose to entirely eliminate carbs, but I do want to try to get a little more protein in my diet to balance out all of the other stuff. We'll see how that goes.

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