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Weekend activities

Didn't have a tremendously eventful weekend. I did about 4 miles on Saturday on the treadmill and confirmed that I did indeed lose 6 pounds since the start of the year. I feel pretty good about that, but am also being very careful to make sure I maintain caloric balances through the weekends. So far so good.

Sunday and Today I decided to make rest days. Theoretically I should have done a 30 minute walk on Sunday, but it didn't happen. Not beating myself up over that too much though. I didn't run this morning, but as today is "meatless Monday" I tend to take in fewer calories. (Actually I wound up grabbing the cobb salad I bought from Trader Joe's which does have meat in it, but meatless Monday is more Lisa's thing than mine anyway. Either way, my calorie balance for the day should remain well within parameters)

I'm thinking that by the end of this week I won't have lost as much weight from my last weigh in as I did the week before. It's just that before, I had been doing way more cardio than I'm doing now. Then again, who knows? If I keep up the average I've been doing of 1500 calories per day, it seems to me the weight loss should continue more or less as it has been, though I'm thinking there will be some fluctuation.

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