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Continuing on

Today I did 3 miles which was actually more than the training plan calls for, but 1.5 miles is really not much of a workout for me. Clearly this will take some balancing and adjusting, but I feel pretty confident that I'm on the right track. Amusingly, the best music for me to run to on the treadmill seems to be Lady Ga Ga. (Yes, I have her on my playlist. Shut up.) My average speed for the 3 miles was about an 11 minute pace give or take. With the warm up and warm down, it wound up being 3.5 miles (bit more than that actually but I'm not going to split hairs).

We'll see how I feel tomorrow. The training schedule has me doing 3 miles tomorrow, but as I already did that today, I may try for 4 miles. If it works out, I may make adjustments to the training program. A lot depends on whether I start to feel like my calf is getting funny but so far it really hasn't been an issue. I worried it might have been last week, but I think I may be getting a little paranoid. Monday I may start doing additional exercises to supplement what I'm doing. I'm thinking push ups probably.

I'd meant to do Pluralsight last night, but was not focused. May try to do some when I get home tonight, but not holding out a lot of hope. What I have taken to doing is reading the HTML5 certification prep guide which is more comprehensive than the Pluralsight course anyway.

Once I finish the Pluralsight HTML5 course, I'll probably do one on CSS3, then Javascript, then JQuery. This is more review and refresher stuff as I work with all three of these on a daily basis, but there are always functions/libraries/classes/etc. that you don't use every day. That and I am very interested in how these concepts are being taught both as courses and in book form.

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