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Long weekend

So, the combination of the holiday and the snow gave me a 4 day weekend. Not entirely unwelcome, but I was ready to go back to work yesterday.

I've reworked my workouts to fit in with a 30 week training schedule for a marathon. I may not do the full training schedule (unless I decide I want to run a marathon in 30 weeks I guess) but I do plan to take it at least through the halfway mark. It's a much less demanding schedule than what I'd been doing but what I figure is that I can supplement it with additional low impact cardio and/or cross training.

The training plan is Hal Higdon's Novice Supreme training plan.

Yesterday I did 1.5 miles which is not that demanding but that's kind of the point. I was supposed to run 3 miles today but the gym was closed and I wasn't too keen on running in the snow in 7 degree weather, so I made this a rest day. I'll do the 3 mile run tomorrow, a 1.5 mile run Friday and another 3 mile run on Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be warm enough for me to walk Sligo for 30 minutes. When the average temperature is out of the single digits, I'll start running more outdoors.

In non health related areas, I'm now focusing on getting the house in order. One of the rooms I'm particularly focused on right now is the den. It currently is not so much a den as a storage area/dog pen. (in that the dogs go into the den when no one is home)

I'm looking to make it into more of a work area. Part of this will involve getting a new computer (which I've already picked out, I just am working the budgets a bit to make it cost-effective) but will also involve re-arranging the furniture and possibly repainting.

Right now, the den is a desk against a wall (terrible place for it!) a table, a chest of drawers and a trundle bed that's falling apart. The bed is also where the dogs tend to lounge, so I'm not getting rid of it altogether. What will probably happen in the interim is that the trundle bed will go, but a mattress will remain. That way, we'll be able to hopefully open up some space but keep the dogs happy.

My plan for the desk is to move it so as to be perpendicular to the wall it is currently against. Ideally, I'd like to have two chairs on either side so that both Lisa and I can work if need be since we'd have two laptops available, one being the Lenovo which we currently have, and one being the Macbook that I'm planning on getting this Winter/Spring. Eventually I'd like there to be some sort of docking stations for both computers complete with large monitors and ergonomic keyboards, but for now, the existing screens will suffice.

The door will need to eventually be replaced as Tobey ate a large part of it one time during a storm. (Tobey eats doors when he gets nervous) I hate to say it, but it'll probably have to wait until he's gone as I don't want to spend money on a door only to have him destroy it the next time something happens to scare him.

There may also be a paint job in the making in that room, though I'm loathe to change the color scheme. Currently, 3 walls are a peanut butter/beige color and one wall is aubergine (eggplant) colored. I like it, though Lisa's been talking of making the entire house one color which I'm not down with myself. We'll see.

Another thing that will be needed in the office is new chairs, preferably a matched set. I'm spoiled at work because I sit in a Hermann Miller chair which is not going to be feasible at home as they're ridiculously expensive. However, something similar to that would be my choice. Fortunately, the desk we have is excellent and really doesn't need replacing.

If the changes to the office work the way I hope they will, it'll really open up that room and give it not only a better work environment, but also increase the space in there that could be used more effectively. We'll see how it works out.

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