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Beta Testing and Vacation

I'm currently beta testing the new Create Entries page in Dreamwidth, which so far is much prettier and user friendly than anything I've seen in LJ. Looks like this is going to work for me.

This morning, I booked flights for our vacation. We're flying into Amsterdam and then doing rail trips to Germany, Prague and Austria. At least, that's the current plan. I'd hoped to go to Prague to see Don Giovanni in the theater where it premiered, but that doesn't look like it will work, so I may make some adjustments. It'll depend largely on time, expense, and what looks cool. The flight is on KLM which I remember as being pretty good, though that was also 19 years ago, so who knows? Anyway, we should have some fun. I'm hoping I can find a deal on a night in the Pulitzer Hotel, but that may be prohibitive. We'll see. More details to come.

Last night was pretty quiet. Basically we just caught up on shows. I'm kind of relieved that Homeland is finished because Sunday was getting really crowded.

Tonight I'll run, and then maybe suggest we eat dinner on the patio. The weather is bloody fantastic and I'd like to take advantage of it.

There are some new people on my list. Hi new people. I'll write a more comprehensive "biographical" post, but if you, or anyone else would like to ask me something, feel free to in this poll box:

Feel free to ask me whatever you like, no matter how personal. No one will see who asked what but me. I promise to answer truthfully.

Weekend and thoughts on blogging

I'll get to my weekend in a minute.

I've been seriously thinking about how I've been using this thing since I started using it regularly again. The whole LJ migration thing has me thinking about privilege and how much of it I have. It occurs to me that aside from privacy concerns (which don't matter that much to me since I don't think that privacy really exists anymore), the changes in TOS from LJ doesn't really affect me that much. Why? Because I'm not in Russia.

The worst thing that LJ can do to me is to revoke my access/delete my journal. That would be a shame, but not much of one since I moved all of my content on Dreamwidth and post from there now. I would regret it because I do feel that there's a better sense of community on LJ, but it wouldn't seriously impact my life.

Russian users, particularly LGBTQ users, are probably at great personal risk for what they post in LJ due to the oppressive laws of Putin's regime. I can bitch all I want about LJs policies, but it likely won't get me thrown in a gulag or whatever Putin is using to lock people up in these days.

Anyway, I recognize my privilege in this regard (among many many others) so along those lines, I'll probably be a hell of a lot more outspoken on this blog. Although I post from Dreamwidth, I still think of this as a Livejournal blog. I'll continue to cross post unless LJ decides to terminate my account for violating terms of service, etc.

Now, on to the weekend: It started with sex.
Cut for those who don't want gory detailsCollapse )

Apart from Friday night sexytime, we didn't do much. We got take-out from Taylor gourmet which was rather tasty, and watched "The Catch" and "Absolutely Fabulous".

Saturday, I went for my tuxedo fitting for Don and Caitlin's wedding. It was nice to see everyone there, and geek out with folks about various things that I really don't get to geek out with Lisa about. It went on a little long, but that's how things go I guess. I wouldn't know, since I've never been a groomsman before.

Saturday evening, we picked up Lisa's Christabirthdaversatine's day present. Explanation: Over the years, Lisa and I have grown less and less fond of exchanging gifts simply because of some manufactured holiday like Christmas or Valentine's day. Birthdays and anniversaries are more meaningful to us, and we do observe them, but in terms of actually giving gifts, we tend to just mash those two together into one more meaningful gift such as an item of jewelry or something like that. In this case, I got Lisa a Whisper bracelet by David Yurman. The gold on the bracelet spells out "I Love You". It complements her other jewelry perfectly so I'm really patting myself on the back for that one. It also helps that she loves it.

Sunday, we went to the Farmer's market, did some yardwork, cleaned out the sun room a little, and went to our last Capital's game as season ticket holders.

We'd been in those seats since Fall 2008. Last season, when the Caps chocked in the post season, as they do, Lisa decided that she didn't want to renew. At first I was skeptical, then even resistant, but now I've accepted that it was the right move. We love hockey, but it's REALLY expensive. Also, committing to a full season just isn't feasible for us anymore. It becomes a job almost, even if we try to share the cost of the tickets with others who want part of the season.

The good news is we won't have to give up the seats entirely. We know enough people in that row that we'll be able to go to a good chunk of games and stay in that section without having to commit to the entire season.

We will be going to the first playoff home game on Thursday. Club level seats. Not as good as what we did have (Section 105, row O) but still pretty nice.

I'm liking the warm weather. It's nice to ride with the top down in my Mini and even nicer to be able to sleep with the windows open. Only real drawback to that is that Clyde tends to get barky if he hears anything through the window. He was pretty quiet last night though, thankfully.

Happy New Year

Posting from home after a wonderful party with wonderful people.

2017, let's see what we've got.

Decisions on gym membership

So, I'd decided to renew my NOAA gym membership


Well, I get a "grandfathered" rate of $130 for 6 months which works out to 21.66 per month...better than WSC by far.


They now have online registration for renewal only and they haven't sent me the renewal code for my grandfathered rate. I've asked for it, but not gotten it. They won't renew my membership in person, so, I sent them one more email basically telling them that without the coupon code, I won't renew. The renewal rate without the coupon code is 156 which is $26 which is only $3 a month less than WSC. For an additional $36, I get access to a pool, longer hours, better equipment, and probably better classes as well. The worst of it is that I have to walk to my gym from my office. Big deal.

So, I think I'm done with the NOAA gym. I'll give them today to get me the coupon code, but I'm starting to think that WSC is the better deal for me.

I should contact my friend Liz to see if she can get some special thing for referring me.

Well this already is getting old

Normally, my posts are friends locked, but I still can't seem to use security options here, and disabling javascript (which I've been told is a temporary fix to this problem) so I'm reviewing options, including Dreamwidth. I don't want to lose my momentum, but I would like to control who sees what content. It's not that I'm posting anything I wouldn't be willing to anyone else in my life, but my experience with Bookface is that there are a lot of twats out there, and I'd like to reduce their access to what I say.

I really like this place, and I'd like to keep using it. If Dreamwidth is a better answer, I'll go there, and see about syncing it to here so the rest of you can keep following my wacky adventures.

Not much going on the last couple of days. Work is empty so I'm telecommuting the rest of this week, or most of it anyway.

Preparing for Dry January. Last night, I didn't drink anything and feel a noticeable difference in how I feel today as opposed to the night before when I did have a few drinks. This was the case 6 years ago when I did the reboot. So, clearly alcohol is something I need to manage carefully if I'm going to continue to use it.

I need to get new running shoes. Unfortunately, most of the places I've gone to locally for running shoes are closed. I'm particularly pissed that Pacers closed their doors in Silver Spring, but figured that having City Sports would be an adequate substitute. Then they closed their doors. I'm left with Footlocker which has two brands: Nike and Adidas. I wear neither of those. So, it looks like I'll have to look out of Silver Spring for my running shoes from now on.

I'm also contemplating a membership at Washington Sports Club. Currently, my options are

  • the NOAA gym which is not great, but it is convenient

  • LA Fitness which is almost as good moneywise as NOAA gym but isn't much better. The locker room smells pretty nasty. Not a great option

  • Washington Sports Club: Probably the best option in terms of facilities, but also the priciest. It helps that I have at least one friend who goes there, so that's a plus.

  • Ultimate it depends on how much I'm willing to spend and whether or not that money will be a good investment. One of the goals for the next year is to manage my finances more tightly. I already do a pretty good job, but I know I can do better.

    So, that's about it for now.


Is anyone else noticing that the dropdown box for security options is, well, gone?

Happy Holidays

Tonight was basically not that much different from the last 13. Tomorrow will be my 14th Christmas with Lisa. Bit of a story there...

My return here has been a return to myself. I am thankful for my new friends, and hope you feel similarly.

Be happy, I implore you. Happiness is about all I can think of as the point of us existing.

Thank you for being here.

Be happy here.

Happy Birthday, goddessofchaos

Have a wonderful day, Gorgeous.

Then and Now

People have been posting then and now pictures of themselves. I figured I'd follow suit:

Me then: (circa 2001)

Me now: (right now, in fact)

no title


Since I've not only resurrected this thing, but begun adding new people to my friends list, I thought it would be a good idea to update you with some relevant information about me.

My name is Tom. Tommx is a nickname I've had since about the age of 7. Any search on this nickname will either bring you to me or some dutch guy who has the domain tommx.com, does nothing with it, and refuses to give it up. Of course, I have the domain tommx.net and haven't really done anything significant with that since 2003, so...

I live in Silver Spring Maryland which is just outside of Washington DC. This is also where I was born. In fact, I live about a mile from the hospital in which I was born. I'm one of the few people in this area who actually grew up here.

By trade, I'm a web developer. I've worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for about 13 years, and largely have stayed here because I like the people and I like the commute. I live literally 2 1/2 miles from my office. This is convenient for me on days when I don't feel like driving and choose to walk to work.

When not working, I engage in a massive number of hobbies and interests that I struggle to make time for. Chief among them has been acting, though I do not consider myself a professional by any means. I am an amateur in the most accurate sense of the word. I do it because I love it. I also sing, but don't have as many opportunities to engage in that as I do acting. I'm working on that one.

I also am active in my local burner scene. This relates to http://burningman.org/, though I have not actually been to Burning Man myself. The event that I go to most often is Playa Del Fuego. There are other smaller "baby burns" that I attend when I have the time, but that's the big one. I tend to try to hit that one at least once a year on average.

I am highly opinionated, highly liberal, and care deeply about social issues. As you can guess, I'm not exactly thrilled about the incoming presidential administration, if you can even call it that, but I'll continue to do what I can for as long as I can to make the world around me a better place.

I'm not young, but people tell me that I look and act like I am. This is amusing since when I was young, people frequently thought I was older. I guess it's not the worst problem to have.

That's about all I have time for right now, and I admit that it isn't much, but hopefully it's enough to grab your interest. Suffice to say, I hope we can have some meaningful interactions here.